No but ok imagine this for a movie

Tom Hanks, Steve Buscemi and Bill Murray play themselves but they have superpowers and have to use them to save the world by killing the antichrist (who is Nicolas Cage)

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Lost is a story of…


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get to know me meme: tv shows / lost (2004-2010)

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tv challenge: 5/5 cancelled shows ■ lost

See you in another life, brother.

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before the crash 

ladies of lost: shannon rutherford

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You would remember ... if it were true!
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Celebrities warn against the dangers of binge-watching TV

EW rounded up stars from some binge-watching favorites—from Orange is the New Black to Parks and Recreation—to remind you that binging can have harmful effects on everything from your self-esteem to your social life.

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To this day I’ve never cried over a fictional character’s death like I did when Charlie Pace died